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Canadian Film Team Attacked by Ghouls (Zombies) in Siberia: Fact or Fiction?

Canadian Film Team Attacked by Ghouls (Zombies) in Siberia

In what may be nothing more than a mock-umentary about zombies, a story is circulating around the web claiming a group of Canadian filmmakers were attacked and several were killed during an expedition to Zabrovst, Siberia in 1998 that has since been covered up by the local authorities and ignored by the wider government.  Jacob Tailor was a filmmaker who …

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Are Ghouls Behind Two Hundred Missing Bodies?

200 Bodies Missing from Morgues

Death is an inevitable ending to the natural cycle of life for all of us mortals and much fanfare is placed on our passing. What if, however, instead of a nice funeral for our loved ones to mourn the loss, our body(s) went missing? No service, no record, just POOF… gone! That seems to be the case in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where …

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Government Cover Up? Pakistani Brothers Might Have Been Ghouls – Not Cannibals

Pakastani brothers arrested for cannibalism.

There’s recently been a sensational headline that quietly made news in the UK Mail online that, interestingly enough, is seemingly a news story about two ghouls in Pakistan. The news story reported that two brothers living in Pakistan were apparently digging up bodies out of a graveyard and taking them home and eating them. The pair were arrested after neighbors …

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