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Couple Terrified By Werewolf In Croome Court UK

Sightings of strange black cats roaming the UK are par for the course, but the latest encounter likens more to a werewolf than the traditional feline cryptid. On their way to Cotswold, Robert and Nicola Ingram were driving near Croome Court, a historic property in the Worcestershire area, at around 1 am when they encountered a dark figure along the …

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Was There Really a Werewolf in London In The 1980s?

We’ve all heard reference to the famous song Werewolf in London but according to a new report, there very well may have been a lycanthrope hanging around the city in the mid-1980s. And who knows, it might still be there! One of our favorite authors, Linda Godfrey, published an encounter on her website reported by a fellow named ‘Gary.’ Twenty-six …

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Naked Werewolf Man Attacks Drivers in Czech Republic

You’d expect survivors of a werewolf encounter to describe an assailant covered in fur, with big teeth and long claws. Appearance aside, their stories would emphasise the creature’s supernatural strength, resistance to pain and uncontrollable, animalistic behaviour. In the case of a man who attacked people on the streets in the Czech Republic, he clearly didn’t look the part but …

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A Warewolf by Any Other Name Would Still Bite Just As Hard

Yes, warewolf and no, I’m not drunk – yet. There just so happens to be more than one word (misspelled or not) conjuring up images of half-human monstrum masquerading as ordinary folks by day and transforming into wolves under the night’s moon. Whether you conceptualize werewolves as bipedal humanoids or fancy them as completely transformed wolves, the origin and use …

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The Modern Mortal’s Ultimate Guide On How To Make A Silver Bullet Quickly

By far, the Deft Clay Process was the easiest, quickest and cheapest method I could find which produced a decent silver bullet that I would be willing to load and use in the case of a full moon emergency.

Let me guess, ever since you saw Stephen King’s Silver Bullet, you’ve been fascinated by the scene where the gunsmith melted down the girl’s necklace and cast a single silver bullet. A bullet that would faithfully find its mark;  saving them from “Reverand Werewolf”. Now you want to make your own? If so, then guide’s for you. I tried to keep …

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