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Hunt is On for Man Harassed by Bigfoot

Local police department would very much like to speak to the person harassed by bigfoot but claim they've not received any reports directly.

Authorities in Clarke County, Alabama, are searching for the man who claims a bigfoot is harassing his family and murdering his outdoor pets. The story first surfaced at the end of May with reports the unidentified victim threatened to kill the cryptid if authorities didn’t intervene. This report was a follow-up to a story originally posted on the BFRO website. …

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Man Encounters Tlicho Sasquatch On A Remote Canadian Island

A man from the Northwest Territories of Canada has reported an encounter with a sasquatch in Lac La Martre, the third largest lake in the area. The man had fallen from his boat into the water and was left stranded. So how did the man end up overboard? According to the story, he saw garbage floating on the surface and …

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In Search of the Blue Man of the Mountains

If you’re a local to the Ozark Mountains of Missouri, you’re well aware of Bigfoot, but you’re likely to know it by a different name, the Blue Man of the Mountains. As past times go, keeping an eye out for the “Blue Man” is probably high on your list. David Prater lives in Salem and has been Bigfoot tracking since …

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Bigfoot Tracks Cast In Dulce New Mexico

Strange objects streaking through the sky are something of an everyday event in the New Mexico town of Dulce, located on the Jicarilla Apache Reservation. Over the last few decades, residents of this sparsely populated area have reported near countless sightings, including occasional photographs and video. Now it seems Dulce has attracted yet another famous mystery to its doorstep after …

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Steve Berry Discovers Yeti Tracks In Remote Bhutan Mountain

Of all the Bigfoot legends around the world, the Yeti is possibly the most consistent in appearance. A large white primate, existing in the remotest parts of the world for thousands of years. The Yeti, a.k.a the Abominable Snowman, isn’t heard as much today as in years past, but a new set of pictures taken by an English trekker has …

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Grab Your Camera Night Owl: Bigfoot Is Nocturnal

Got a long weekend coming up and in the mood for some Bigfoot hunting? If so, you might want to try something different other than trouncing around a known hotspot during the day. Instead, grab a flashlight and a warm jacket – your best bet for finding the hairy beast is at night. According to a new study by Cliff …

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UFO Volcano Hotspot: Bigfoot Seen Scaling Crater Wall

Popocatepetl, the second highest volcano in Mexico, has a long history of UFO sightings. Numerous amateur videos over the years have captured strange lights and UFOs in the skies during volcanic activity, including one as recently as January 2016. Popocatepetl is not alone, it just happens to be the most popular amongst extraterrestrial visitors. Numerous incidents of UFO sightings occurred …

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Nature Photographer Captures Unexpected Bigfoot Footage

A nature photographer was recently surprised by what he found in his footage from a recent trip to Payson Canyon, Utah. Rather than the usual birds and small mammals, he had caught a rare and elusive cryptid in his shots – Bigfoot. The photographer was snapping photos of the runoff from a stream running through the canyon when he heard …

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Neanderthal Reported in North Carolina

Ever wonder if all those sightings attributed to Bigfoot really are of the shoe challenged cryptid? Reports of encounters with Bigfoot often focus on the mysterious figure’s ape-like qualities, almost universally noting a body covered in hair. Does that mean every hairy, ape-like cryptid running around should be classified as Bigfoot? No. Case-in-point, a new report from a man in …

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