Zombie Like Bacterial Infections A Sign of What’s To Come?

As time goes on, the news is filled with more and more cases of people contracting some “rare and obscure” flesh-eating bacteria. In many instances, the unfortunate victims infected with the disease end up with amputations. In extreme cases, those who survive the ordeal are left with their faces partially removed, disfigured permanently and crippled for the remainder of their life.

The real twist here is that we, the people, are not becoming zombies; roaming around after succumbing to the infection, eating the flesh of others. Rather, a bacteria is rending the flesh from the bones of those who contract the dreaded affliction. It’s a strange way of looking at this situation, but the world is a terribly odd place. The second part of this perversion of nature is that scientists and doctors “don’t know” where the bacteria originate.

Based on headlines, Florida and Georgia seem to have the highest rate of people contracting this abomination. So, here’s the question: Could this flesh-eating bacteria be a naturally evolving contagion posing a greater risk than the widely fantasized zombie apocalypse?

Recently (the first week of June, according to the June 12 news report on FOX 8 News), a Georgia woman named Cindy Martinez went to the emergency room with pain in her shoulder. According to her husband, David, she was a strong and healthy person; not known for getting ill. However, when Cindy’s visit went from a routine medical screening examination to emergency surgery, all that flew out the window.

The doctors explained to David that his wife’s body had begun to shut down from an unknown bacteria. After a few weeks in the hospital, Cindy had no idea when she would be allowed to come home. The doctors had prepared her for the possibility that she may lose her arms and legs depending on how bad her condition got. This bacterial infection was eating Cindy Martinez alive as if it were some science fiction movie monster. Her heart-wrenching case is the most recent activity of this disease, as Florida beachgoers were warned that a flesh-eating bacteria was running rampant at the traditional tourist locations.

The strange and scary fact about this whole thing is that no one seems to know where it originated. Scientists rationalize these infections by explaining that bacteria exist all around us, which is accepted by the public, and no one bats an eyelash. However, whether a person is afflicted with the flesh eating variety mostly comes down to the luck of the draw and, for now, is passed off as “a freak accident” because the numbers are low.

Surely, if someone gets a cut or scratch, and they don’t take proper care of it, then yes, it could turn into a nasty infection. Some of us may have even seen an infected wound first hand. But a flesh-eating, zombie like bacterial infection? With there being no explanation or origin, we can only speculate as to what terrible future may be in store for us. It seems nature is in a race with itself to see which disease process can wipe us out first.

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  1. Rjw1122

    The numbers are rising on this. Wonder what all has been dumped in the waters around the world? Or has the earth just gotten feed up with us?
    Wonder if all that money was worth it when there is no more water to drink or food to eat that does is not trying to eat us.
    Native Americans have said the earth is a living thing. And all living things at some point will fight back if you kick them enough.

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