Dear Sarah (Diary Entry No. 6)

I need to figure this out before we either end up in a threesome or Brendan disappears. I'm pretty sure Sammy would be down for either one and probably both. Brendan would probably love the first part but the second part - not so much.

Dear Sarah, I know I haven’t been keeping you up to date lately; I know that.  But so much has been going on that I don’t even know where to begin or what’s going on, exactly, or more importantly, how I feel about it.  It seems everything in my life just confuses the hell out of me lately always! Oh, …

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The Rougarou: I Like My Werewolves Cajun Style

Known locally by their Cajun name, rougarou, these large and terrifying creatures make their home in the swampland around Acadiana and New Orleans.

French supermodels may be the latest on a list of endangered species fleeing France for the US, but they definitely aren’t the first. A little over 250 years ago, another group appears to have been chased away to the safer shores of the US – the loup garou. Werewolf, for those unfamiliar with the French term, sightings of these shapeshifters …

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Interview: Did Steve Krueger Survive An Attack From The Bearwolf of Holy Hill?

“It [The Beast of Holy Hill] was reaching into the truck and when I pulled away, the deer it grabbed onto and my ATV ramp that must have been tangled into the legs both came off the truck.” – Steve Krueger

Submitted by Holly Chavez Regular visitors to Monstrum Athenaeum are probably familiar with the Beast of Bray Road, but it has become apparent that not all sightings near Bray Road, outside Elkhorn Wisconsin, are connected to the same cryptid. For example, we recently had the opportunity to ask one of the reported witnesses of the Bray Road creature a few …

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Lycans in Staffordshire: The Cannock Chase Werewolf

The first noted sighting of the Cannock Chase werewolf dates back to 1975, when a paranormal group investigated a series of sightings of a ‘snarling beast’.

When it comes to places traditionally associated with werewolves, Staffordshire in England doesn’t make the top 10 list; let alone the top 100.  Yet it seems there’s a tradition of werewolf encounters in the county, centered around one spot – Cannock Chase.  So what’s going on in this quiet, rural English spot? Cannock Chase isn’t a village or a town …

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The Michigan Dogman: Werewolves and Other Unknown Canines Across the USA

Review: The Michigan Dogman: Werewolves and Other Canines Across the USA

Linda S. Godfrey, the author of werewolf books The Beast of Bray Road: Tailing Wisconsin’s Werewolf and Hunting the American Werewolf throws us a bone in her third book in the series, The Michigan Dogman: Werewolves and Other Canines Across the USA. And what a juicy bone it is! This latest offering is based on hundreds of eyewitness accounts — some funny and …

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Hunter Hesitates To Shoot The Bray Road Beast

The next thing he recalls is Bray Road Beast made a twelve foot leap across a nearby ditch, before disappearing into the woods, and from his view.

The farmlands of southern Wisconsin may seem like an ideal place to live and raise a family with rolling hills and woody outcrops surrounding dairy farms and small towns. However, there’s a dark legend looming over the town of Elkhorn, Wisconsin and its neighboring townships. A creature rumored to be half man and half wolf (a werewolf) has been roaming the …

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Werewolf of Bedburg: Some Werewolf Legends Are True

Ravaged by a creature at the time they called “the Werewolf of Bedburg”, the murders would later become one of the oldest werewolf legends on record.

In the late 1500’s, in Bedburg, Germany, the fear of the dark and unknown was as real an illness as cancer. People rarely ventured forth from the safety of their homes after twilight. The fear of being taken by some unknown being, or ripped apart by a ravenous monster were at the forefront of their minds; especially those who lived …

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Was A West Virginia Shape Shifting Werewolf Caught On Video?

The Shawnee Indians claimed it was a shape shifting werewolf who was out for revenge but the true facts may have been lost to time.

West Virginia is a state with dense wilderness areas, farmlands, and is directly in the heart of the Appalachian Mountain chain, which stretches from Georgia to Maine. Tales from over 200 years ago say that a creature of massive size has been roaming the lands in search of blood. The Shawnee Indians claimed it was a shape shifting werewolf who …

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The Halloween Wolf

The wolf lunged at the clown and he struck out with a knife to defend himself, stabbing the wolf in the leg. It yelped in pain and the clown saw his chance.

James was twelve years old and just starting to get into girls. He really liked Anna Johnson even though she thought he was a little creep. He didn’t know why but he was always trying to impress her, just the same. Halloween was around the corner and James wanted to have the best costume and do something really awesome with …

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