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The Librarian
What are cryptids? In matters of the monstrum, a species capable of assuming the form of a humanoid or animal, naturally preying on humans; mimicking moral and social behavior as not to be discovered. Perhaps a doctor, butcher or school principle; these creatures masquerade as persons while seeking out human game for food and sport.

The Hoping Dead: Rewatching The Walking Dead Season 2.0

The Walking Dead Season 2 is where the ensemble, the show’s real strength, start to come out of the woodwork. The plot… well, you can’t win them all.

Submitted by Corodon Fuller The initial havoc of the first season of The Walking Dead is behind us. Season 2 is where the ensemble—the show’s real strength—start to come out of the woodwork. The plot… well, you can’t win them all (but give it another season). The Greene farm hosts an awful lot of bickering, dickering, dithering, and dicking, but it …

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New Werewolf Movie Offers Horror Fans a ‘Howl’ of a Good Ride

Ah, werewolf movies. Personally love the gratuitous exploitation of the lunar challenged but it’s damn hard to find good ones. Speaking of which, when’s the last time you’ve seen a decently terrifying flick about a lycan grace the big screen? American Werewolf in London? The Howling? Perhaps the Underworld franchise? The Wolfman? Off the silver screen there’ve been quite a …

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Recent Sightings Of The Kentucky Bigfoot

The Bluegrass state is no exception, and lately there seems to be a swelling of Kentucky Bigfoot sightings.

Whether the creature itself is real, the fact remains that sightings of Bigfoot and other rather hairy bipeds have occurred just about everywhere in the US. The Bluegrass state is no exception, and lately there seems to be a swelling of Kentucky Bigfoot sightings. One recent sighting details an encounter in August 2014 by a family simply trying to enjoy …

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The Thinking Dead: Rewatching The Walking Dead Season 1

Submitted by Corodon Fuller AMC’s The Walking Dead will be starting its sixth season this October. What’s made it one of the best things on TV almost all the way through has been its willingness to ask big questions. What does it mean to be a good person? What does it mean to survive? How much are these things worth? In …

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Dear Sarah (Diary Entry No. 9)

One glass of wine turned into half a dozen and we were lit. I couldn't resist any longer. I melted in her kiss, and it was over.

Dear Sarah,  Well, my bliss was short-lived and, just as I should have known, my blind happiness was a bit dangerous too. I let my guard down. I was in such a great mood and the world, and everything in it looked perfect. I didn’t think anything at all could bring me down, and that was my undoing. I was …

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The Ogopogo: A Lake Cryptid You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

While not as famous as its Scottish cousin, sightings of the Ogopogo are well documented with over 200 credible reports, including some from a sea captain, a priest, and multiple police officers.

When considering the topic of mysterious creatures that dwell in lakes, the most famous case of Loch Ness and its ‘monster’ probably comes to mind. Nessie is far from the only one of her kind, though, and one example from British Columbia is a creature known as the Ogopogo. References and written records to this strange, large creature living in …

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The Case of The Florida Fanger

Man dances on Sheriff's car to escape the Florida Fanger

Usually, a news story involving a vampire would rekindle the debate about whether these bloodsucking cryptids were ever real. However, in the case of the Florida Fanger, some vampire stories are so far out there that no one wants to touch them (literally and figuratively). At one point, you’ve most likely experienced a stalker or at least an overly aggressive …

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Alabama Man Puts A Bullet In A Werewolf

Man puts a bullet in a werewolf.

Hunting and fishing – two favorite activities shared by millions the world over. While some people pursue these pleasures for the sport, others take part as a means of survival. Deep in the heart of Alabama, hunting, fishing and farming are an inseparable means of cutting one’s survival out of the land using his or her own hands. Families pass …

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Bigfoot Attack: California Man Reports A Close Call With The Creature

High started the car and began to maneuver it around a large patch of muddy ground when, out of nowhere, a ‘large beast’ appeared.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that a creature as large and as powerful as Bigfoot could pose a real threat to the lonely wilderness adventurer. After all, bears, large cats and wolves are rightfully regarded with extreme caution. A recent story highlighting the potential danger of a Bigfoot attack comes from a group of friends in California …

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