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2016 Horror Movies Countdown: Top 13 Flicks To Watch

This year’s shaping up to be an exciting one for horror movie lovers. In fact, there’s, at least, one release listed for every month except for November so far, so you can expect to spend a lot of time at the movie theater! Notable selections include a mixture of sequels, novel adaptations, and original screenplays, making 2016 an exciting year …

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Three Of the Most Gruesome Christmas Monsters in the World

Sitting around the fire, drinking egg nog with the wee little ones I got to thinking about how the other half lives. More specifically, what do cryptids think about all this merry festiveness? You know, Christmas. Oh, that magical time of year filled with gifts, family gatherings and perhaps even some snow. How boring if you’re anything but human (or …

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The Night Class, Part 7

Miranda’s apartment was just a mile walk away. Maybe I should have tried to talk her out of bringing me home, but neither of us was in any shape to walk home alone. Miranda didn’t seem to notice that I wasn’t talking. She was just going along with what Nick had told her. I thought I knew why, but I …

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The Night Class, Part 6

After practice one night, Nick followed me to the bus stop. “I’ve figured out how to pay you back,” he said. “You really don’t have to,” I told him, but he wouldn’t hear it. “You don’t have a girlfriend, right?” he asked. The answer was “No.” I’d left my love life alone since the Grappling Club gave me something more …

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The Night Class, Part 5

Pete and Chris agreed to let Nick back into the Club at my urging, and with Jenna’s permission. Nick kept to his best behavior—he and Jenna might as well have been training on different planets. That was a relief to me. In a way, I was responsible for Nick now. One milestone I was watching for was the first newbie …

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Vampire Gigolo: The Ugly Side Of Undead Prostitution

"Vampire Gigolo" Chartres-Abbott told police he'd confided in the woman that he was a 200-year-old vampire who needed to drink the blood of women to stay young.

In 2002, a 30-year-old Thai woman acquired the services of a gentleman for the evening, with desires of a sexual encounter. They went to the Hotel Saville, located in Victoria, NSW, Australia, where the encounter turned strange. The gigolo, whose name was Shane Chartres-Abbott, proceeded to have sex with the woman but became violent during the encounter. Later, Chartres-Abbott told …

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The Night Class, Part 4

Here I was advocating for someone I hardly knew, over the objections of one of my best friends. But I knew what Nick and I had in common, and I didn’t think the city was going to give him another chance.

I didn’t want to just corner Jenna after practice, so it was a couple weeks before I could talk to her about Nick. Meanwhile, more practices ended with full darkness outside, and as I walked from the Club to my bus stop, Nick would be there, just a shadow across the street at the edge of the sodium lights. Didn’t …

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The Night Class, Part 3

No one mentioned Nick after he was gone. Everyone understood what had happened. Grappling doesn’t mix with sex or… whatever Nick had been doing. Yes, Pete came down hard on Nick, but if he had erred on the other side and let Nick keep on harassing Jenna, it would poison the Club culture fast. It wouldn’t just have driven the …

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The Walking Dead: Season 6, November Recap – Good Deaths and Bad Deaths

Submitted by Corodon Fuller To be perfectly honest, the last month of The Walking Dead has fallen well short of the show’s usual standards. Knowing that the writers plan to hit major plot points from the comics in the second half of this season, it feels like they’ve been killing time until then. They’ve also been killing characters, so now seems …

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The Night Class, Part 2

Right away he was quiet, a bit off. We didn’t judge him too harshly for that—the mat is a foreign country with its own customs and culture, and I felt like an alien my first day, too.

Nick showed up at the Thursday 8:00 p.m. practice. Right away he was quiet, a bit off. We didn’t judge him too harshly for that—the mat is a foreign country with its own customs and culture, and I felt like an alien my first day, too. With Nick, though, it wasn’t just the usual white-belt confusion. He was youngish, pale …

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