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The Werewolf Killer

The killer had been nicknamed the Werewolf Killer by the press because he only killed families on nights the moon was full.

Gerald Burns was a criminal profiler and had been called in by the police chief to look at a crime scene. Just like countless times before, he drove to the residence, parked his car and headed to the house to look at the murders. He got to the front door and was pushed aside by one of the cops who ran past him to puke by …

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The 10 Most Commonly Believed Vampire Curses

Vampire afraid of the sun

Vampires are cryptids steeped in legend and mystery which, really, is what Monstrum Athenaeum is all about. Dating back thousands of years, vampires have both terrified us and captured our imaginations. Vampire lore has been cobbled together from the fragments of whispers and dark tales. Hard to verify but equally hard to dismiss, their lore is based on those written or spoken accounts of events handed …

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The 10 Best Zombie Movies

Shaun of the Dead

There are more zombie movies floating around the world today than a werewolf has fleas; some are great and some not so much. Along with all those zombie movies comes lots of zombie types, most of them watered-down derivatives. On one end of the spectrum, you’ve got the slow walking (moaning), rigor mortis undead, and on the other end, the Olympian fast-running (screaming) types. Beyond …

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Space The Deadly Frontier

Running from zombies on Mars

I looked out the window at the ugly alien planet looming large as we approached. I was with a group of other criminals on a manned expedition traveling to Mars to explore its surface and help conduct research for future colonization. That was the politically correct explanation we were given by the Collider Research rep who visited the prison to get me and …

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Top 10 Horror Movies That Could Actually Be Based on Reality

Top 10 Horror Movies

The world is full of horror movies that get the old’ brain thinking, “Could this really happen?” Well, chances are if you think it could be based on reality then it probably holds some water. From Bram Stoker’s Dracula, to the Werewolf of London, to Zombieland, these ideas were based on older legends, but with a modern twist. Well, modern …

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Are Mermaids Real? The Story of The Fisherman and The Siren

Mermaid in the setting sun.

Are mermaids real? The story of the fisherman and the siren. It was back in the old times when there were still sea monsters in the ocean that there lived a simple man earning his keep as a net fisherman by the name of Angus Hanson. Angus was a strong, handsome man who lost his wife and child during childbirth. The baby …

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Taking Out The Trash

Taking out the trash - zombies rising out of the sea

Tim Davenport was enjoying the sunset on the horizon of the San Francisco Bay while he stretched out in his chair with a beer. He was out on his houseboat which he often used for recreation, and also sometimes when he worked for a living. That day he was working with his business partner, Carlos, who was downstairs pan-frying some …

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A Different Breed of Werewolf

Werewolf Cabin in the woods.

“Do you have it?” he said to the dealer who brought him his merchandise. “I do,” replied the dealer and he produced the package and gave it to the man. The man’s name was Stewart Burkhart, and he was a self-made millionaire. He had been hunting for one particular piece of merchandise, and now he had it in his hands. …

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Swamp Mamma’s Revenge

Swamp Mamma's Revenge

Bey was very special, and his mother loved him very much. Some even said his mother was a little too overprotective at times. They both lived in the Louisiana Bayou, right smack dab in the middle of the swamps. There’s gators and Burmese pythons that can swallow a feller whole there, but they never bothered Bey and his mom. They …

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Aztec Vampires and the Apocalypse

Aztec Vampires Sun Stone

Many religions have committed atrocities against each other in the name of their deities or God, but the the oldest religion in the world is the most true and cruel, and it is the one that was central to the Mesoamerican cultures, and in particular, the Aztecs. In the beginning, the gods, Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca joined forces to create the …

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