Sheepsquatch: Part Sheep, Part Sasquatch, All Cryptid

Sheepsquatch! Does It sound like a bad cryptozoology joke – what do you get if you cross a Sasquatch with a sheep?  But the answer’s no joke, there’s a strange cryptid reported from West Virginia known as Sheepsquatch.  So what exactly is this weird creature? The first sightings of the creature date back to the mid-1990s and were reported in …

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Vampire Beast of Bladenboro

Similar to the infamous goat sucking chupacabra, fifty years ago, sightings of another bloodsucker, the Vampire Beast of Bladenboro, became a phenomenon centered in the town of Bladenboro, North Carolina.  Unlike the chupacabra, which has been spotted everywhere between Texas and South America, sightings of this creature have been limited to a handful of towns, a couple hundred square miles …

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The Ozark Howler: the Myth, or not

In his book, Cryptozoology: Science & Speculation, Chad Arment explains that along with several of his colleagues, he received an interesting email, claiming to have irrefutable evidence supporting the existence of the Ozark Howler. Unfortunately, this claim turned out to be a hoax.  Some kid in college pulled the prank, stating he thought it would be funny to fool the …

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The Hodag

To Wisconsin residents, the Hodag is nothing more than a favorite legend, a hoax for gullible tourists. As for the Hodag, well perhaps he’s just a shy guy who doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about, quietly making his home in the woods of northern Wisconsin. The legend of the Hodag is not a new fad or an urban …

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The Slide Rock Bolter of Colorado

Found only in the deep mountains of Colorado, the Slide Rock Bolter is strictly a Colorado cryptid.

Remember the scene in “Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back” when the Millennium Falcon narrowly escapes destruction in the jaws of a great space slug? Well, this cryptid is a little like that, only less spacey and more terrifying. Found only in the deep mountains of Colorado, the Slide Rock Bolter is strictly a Colorado cryptid. No one …

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The Jiangshi: History Of Chinese Zombies Predates Western Zombie Pop Culture

The physical appearance of a jiangshi varies significantly depending upon the origin of the creature, often described as a cross between a vampire and zombie.

When many of us hear talk of reanimated corpses staggering stiffly around the streets with their arms outstretched, trying to eat people, we think “zombie”.  But if you’re in China, yelling “Zombie” in a crowd just might go unnoticed. Instead, if you want to motivate folks to flee the advancing undead hoard, you’re better off screaming “Jiangshi!” No, not the …

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The Ogopogo: A Lake Cryptid You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

While not as famous as its Scottish cousin, sightings of the Ogopogo are well documented with over 200 credible reports, including some from a sea captain, a priest, and multiple police officers.

When considering the topic of mysterious creatures that dwell in lakes, the most famous case of Loch Ness and its ‘monster’ probably comes to mind. Nessie is far from the only one of her kind, though, and one example from British Columbia is a creature known as the Ogopogo. References and written records to this strange, large creature living in …

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Was the Patterson-Gimlin Film Real?

The Patterson-Gimlin film is perhaps the most widely viewed Bigfoot video evidence to emerge since the study of Bigfoot moved from mythology to cryptozoology.  Also referred to as the Patterson or PG Film, Roger Patterson, and Robert Gimlin captured the debated footage in October 1967.  Nearly fifty years later, the authenticity is still questioned by many but there’s never been …

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Werewolf Sighting Frightens Pennsylvania Motorists

Eerily similar to other werewolf sightings, the witnesses described the creature as having a muscular structure with an oversized, wolf-like head topped with two large pointed ears.

It seems there’s no shortage of strange creatures found in the remote parts of Pennsylvania. One such creature, matching the description of a werewolf, took some time out of its busy schedule to frighten motorists along a stretch of asphalt called Mud Creek Road. The sighting, detailed on Stan Gordon’s website, happened on November 20th, 2011, just outside the town …

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The Flatwoods Monster

The eyewitnesses described the Flatwoods Monster as grotesque, with a peculiarly shaped head that looked like the ace of spades. In the middle of the head, was an entirely dark, circular shaped window save for two pale, blue beams of light that emanated from it.

Flatwoods, West Virginia, was a relatively unknown and obscure small town, home to just a few hundred people. Well, it was until a stunning incident occurred on September 12th, 1952 which forever changed the lives of those who lived there. The sudden appearance of an unusual looking object, flying through the sky, caught the attention of the town’s residents. The …

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