The Morbach Monster: The Sometimes Brutal Origin Of Werewolves

This particularly nasty werewolf, known as the Morbach Monster, is worth mentioning because of its notorious origin and rather contemporary escapades.

There’s a lycan whose allegedly been running around the Wittlich Area of Germany since the early 1810s. This particularly nasty werewolf, known as the Morbach Monster, is worth mentioning because of its notorious origin and rather contemporary sighting. The legend of the Morbach Monster begins with a soldier named Thomas Johannes Baptist Schwytzer, who had a unique military career. He …

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Shadow People: Are They Ghosts or Something Even Worse?

Individuals encountering shadow people typically report feeling an oppressive or evil presence and describe them as humanoid figures surrounded by shadows.

I tend to describe urban legends as “stuff” that happens which people believe is true but isn’t.  Sometimes, they originate innocently and other times, they are deliberately fabricated for whatever reason. Often, the easiest urban legends to debunk are those based on lurid stories created entirely out of fiction and have a single point of origin. At Monstrum Athenaeum, cryptids …

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The Rougarou: I Like My Werewolves Cajun Style

Known locally by their Cajun name, rougarou, these large and terrifying creatures make their home in the swampland around Acadiana and New Orleans.

French supermodels may be the latest on a list of endangered species fleeing France for the US, but they definitely aren’t the first. A little over 250 years ago, another group appears to have been chased away to the safer shores of the US – the loup garou. Werewolf, for those unfamiliar with the French term, sightings of these shapeshifters …

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Gigantopithecus May Have Been Caught On Camera In Kentucky

This unknown beast closely resembles a gorilla, yet it doesn't move like a gorilla. So, what could it be? Is this the once thought extinct Gigantopithecus?

Sure enough, there are plenty of mysteries in our world, some of which will never be solved. And it’d be a safe wager a few just aren’t meant to be solved, nor are they meant to be understood. Perhaps this is the case with a well-known legend, common throughout many cultures around the world. Depending on where you’re from, you …

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The Vampire of Highgate Cemetery

In 1971, a young girl was attacked by the Vampire of Highgate Cemetery in the lane just beside the graveyard in the early hours of the morning.

Established in 1839, Highgate Cemetery is a burial ground in North London holding over 50,000 graves and, according to stories dating back to the 1960s, the home of a vampire. The legend of this blood sucking corpse, commonly referred to as The Highgate Vampire, is fascinating and reported sightings of the monster continue to this day. The earliest sightings occurred …

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The Dyatlov Pass Incident: Unhappy Anniversary

Two weeks after the group failed to reappear, a pilot on the rescue mission spotted the remains of the teams’ campsite: a lone tent exposed on the side of Dyatlov Pass.

There are many theories and conspiracies about what happened at Dyatlov Pass. One more seems like a waste of good speculation yet don’t let that keep you from reading on. What you learn here may scare you but it will be well worth the time. Dyatlov Pass, nestled in the Ororton Mountain Range of the Ural Mountains was just a …

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Pope Lick Monster – Terrible Name But All Evil

The Pope Lick Monster's extremely deformed man-like body is covered in long fur. Wide set eyes, sharp horns and an aquiline nose frame its alabaster face.

There’s a dark and sinister creature living beneath the Pope Lick Trestle near Floyd’s Creek in Louisville, Kentucky.  First sighted in the 1970’s, this unknown cryptid, simply known as “The Pope Lick Monster”, has been described as a human & goat hybrid that’s earned it the nickname – “Goat Man”. Thought to be responsible for several deaths in the area, …

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Mande Barung – Evidence of Bigfoot in India

The Mande Barung is a lesser known relative of the Yeti and Bigfoot living in the remote Garo Hills of Northeast India and Bangladesh.  Translated directly as ‘forest man’, the Mande Barung are creatures very similar in description to other ape-type hominids around the world – large in stature, completely covered with hair and standing around 10 feet tall with …

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One Man’s Incredible Journey Searching For The Mothman

John Keel’s experience with the Mothman is truly a frightening one, as he himself almost became a casualty of the Silver Bridge disaster in Point Pleasant

Many years before the movie was made, author John Keel wrote “The Mothman Prophecies” book, covering the same people and events. Yes, the movie was based on that book but while Hollywood often goes to great lengths to dramatize actual events this time they were spot on. John Keel’s experience with the Mothman is truly a frightening one, as he …

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Hunter Hesitates To Shoot The Bray Road Beast

The next thing he recalls is Bray Road Beast made a twelve foot leap across a nearby ditch, before disappearing into the woods, and from his view.

The farmlands of southern Wisconsin may seem like an ideal place to live and raise a family with rolling hills and woody outcrops surrounding dairy farms and small towns. However, there’s a dark legend looming over the town of Elkhorn, Wisconsin and its neighboring townships. A creature rumored to be half man and half wolf (a werewolf) has been roaming the …

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