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Does Bigfoot Use Infrasound To Communicate and Attack?

Infrasound is a low-frequency sound below the 20Hz mark, far lower than what we humans can hear. Despite our shortcoming, though, plenty of animals, such as whales, elephants, and giraffes, can hear this frequency and use it to communicate, over long distances one might add. While particularly efficient at transmitting waves over distances, it’s well documented that infrasound causes abnormal …

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Boutwell and His Tennessee Sasquatch

In our first interview, “Skeptic to Believer,” we learned a lot about the man named John Boutwell and his mysterious neighbor, the Tennessee Sasquatch. Boutwell first contacted Monstrum Athenaeum after discovering he accidently took pictures of what appeared to be a genuine Sasquatch encounter in his yard in Lutrell, Tennessee. Apparently John’s brush with this cryptid neighbor didn’t stop with …

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Maine Bigfoot Sightings Predate Founding of State

Maine is the most north-eastern state in the US, known for its beautiful, if wild, scenery.  This undeveloped landscape is perfect for anyone, or anything, wanting to live a life of seclusion. That’s why it’s not surprising to find records of Maine Bigfoot sightings predating the state joining the union in 1820. Stories of creatures matching the general description of …

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Recent Sightings Of The Kentucky Bigfoot

The Bluegrass state is no exception, and lately there seems to be a swelling of Kentucky Bigfoot sightings.

Whether the creature itself is real, the fact remains that sightings of Bigfoot and other rather hairy bipeds have occurred just about everywhere in the US. The Bluegrass state is no exception, and lately there seems to be a swelling of Kentucky Bigfoot sightings. One recent sighting details an encounter in August 2014 by a family simply trying to enjoy …

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Bigfoot Attack: California Man Reports A Close Call With The Creature

High started the car and began to maneuver it around a large patch of muddy ground when, out of nowhere, a ‘large beast’ appeared.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that a creature as large and as powerful as Bigfoot could pose a real threat to the lonely wilderness adventurer. After all, bears, large cats and wolves are rightfully regarded with extreme caution. A recent story highlighting the potential danger of a Bigfoot attack comes from a group of friends in California …

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Gnawed Bones Proof of Bigfoot At Mount St. Helens?

A professor at Centralia College in Washington recently announced that he’s found scientific proof confirming the existence of Bigfoot. If true, his discovery just might be one of the biggest scientific breakthroughs of this century in the field of cryptozoological research. Professor Mitchel Townsend was walking in the woods near Ryan Lake in East Lewis County, Washington when he found …

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Was the Patterson-Gimlin Film Real?

The Patterson-Gimlin film is perhaps the most widely viewed Bigfoot video evidence to emerge since the study of Bigfoot moved from mythology to cryptozoology.  Also referred to as the Patterson or PG Film, Roger Patterson, and Robert Gimlin captured the debated footage in October 1967.  Nearly fifty years later, the authenticity is still questioned by many but there’s never been …

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Four Bigfoot Spotted in Yellowstone National Park

When camera traps were placed in Yellowstone National Park; folks were aiming to catch some good footage of bison in their natural environment.  What they caught instead was far rarer and by far stranger – footage of not one but four Bigfoot type creatures. The video, uploaded to YouTube, is reported to be actual footage from a webcam placed and …

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Video Captures Strange Creature In Utah Bigfoot Hotspot

A new YouTube video has been posted purportedly showing a Bigfoot type creature in a wooded area of Utah already known as a hotspot for sightings of the elusive cryptid.  YouTube user, Mountain Hiker, uploaded the video on February 26, 2015, and many, including The Paranormal View, who specialize in reviewing such videos to eliminate hoaxes, were quick to scrutinize …

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