A Warewolf by Any Other Name Would Still Bite Just As Hard

Yes, warewolf and no, I’m not drunk – yet. There just so happens to be more than one word (misspelled or not) conjuring up images of half-human monstrum masquerading as ordinary folks by day and transforming into wolves under the night’s moon. Whether you conceptualize werewolves as bipedal humanoids or fancy them as completely transformed wolves, the origin and use …

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Jeremy Steinke – The “300 Year Old Werewolf” Doing Time for Murder

In 2006 in the town of Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, a 23-year-old man named Jeremy Steinke convinced a 12-year-old girl, whom he was “dating”, to kill her entire family. The reason for the murderous rampage is believed to be because the girl’s family didn’t approve of the relationship between Steinke and their daughter. By law, the relationship made Steinke a …

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Racist Werewolves? Now I’ve Heard Everything

Now here’s a bizarre story. Normally, when we hear of a story concerning vampires or werewolves getting a little crazy, it usually has to do with violence against each other. And even then, those news stories about men or women convicted of some violent crime, confessing to being vampires or werewolves, turn out to be tales of the mentally ill. …

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The Dryer, The Bleach, and The Werewolf: Tales of The “Drunk Insane.”

Conway, Arkansas isn’t the first place that comes to mind when hearing talk of a werewolf sighting. However, when police responded to the scene at the Carrington Apartments on September 24, 2011 near the Hendrix College campus, that’s just what James Anderson told them. Apparently, the whole ordeal began earlier that evening at a local Wal-Mart, where Anderson claims to …

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Mikhail Popkov: The Werewolf Serial Killer

(The Youtube video above is in Russian, but auto-translated English subtitles are available in the settings.) Unfortunately, Russia’s seen its share of brutal serial killers. For example, in the 1980’s, Russia suffered terror at the hands of Andrei Chikatilo. Known as the “Butcher of Rostov”, Chikatilo was convicted of 53 murders and sentenced to death. Shortly after, Russian serial killer …

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Killer Blames Murder On His Werewolf Father

When finally apprehended, Woodhead told the cops that he believed his father is a werewolf.

On January 5, 2014, a man named Easton Woodhead apparently stabbed a homeless man to death near the Melbourne Aquarium in a dispute concerning a stolen motorcycle. Fleeing the scene, he tossed away his knife and tried to hide from the police. When finally apprehended, he told the cops that he believed his father is a werewolf. As he described …

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Mark Andrews: More Proof Werewolves and Vampires Make For Bad Neighbors

Self proclaimed werewolf Mark Andrews was sentenced to 50 years in prison for killing his vampire neighbor.

Skeptics routinely dismiss people claiming to be werewolves as merely suffering from an acute mental illness, such as schizophrenia. Lycanthropy, the term of choice from the skeptic playbook, has only just within the last hundred years been viewed as a mental disorder. Several hundred years ago, though, it was a sure death sentence for anyone suspected of being a werewolf. …

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Pennsylvania Dogman Surfaces Again in 2015

Whether classified as a yet identified cryptid or a werewolf, the Pennsylvania Dogman has resurfaced again in the last few months to remind us that this cryptid isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The most recent sighting, documented on the Stranger Eons website, occurred in July and was reported anonymously by a man from Penfield, Pennsylvania. On his way home, the …

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The Modern Mortal’s Ultimate Guide On How To Make A Silver Bullet Quickly

By far, the Deft Clay Process was the easiest, quickest and cheapest method I could find which produced a decent silver bullet that I would be willing to load and use in the case of a full moon emergency.

Let me guess, ever since you saw Stephen King’s Silver Bullet, you’ve been fascinated by the scene where the gunsmith melted down the girl’s necklace and cast a single silver bullet. A bullet that would faithfully find its mark;  saving them from “Reverand Werewolf”. Now you want to make your own? If so, then guide’s for you. I tried to keep …

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