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Vampire Cults Give Vampires A Bad Name

Vampires hold a certain fascination in the hearts of millions of people around the world. Whether they’re in a Hollywood horror film, or tucked neatly inside the pages of a book, vampires tug at a romantic notion that love, or at least the torment of a love lost, can last for eternity. However, for special few, this love for the …

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Science Has Once Again Saved Us From The Zombie Apocalypse (Well..Some Of Us)

We build up to a full scale simulation of an outbreak in the United States, and discover that for `realistic' parameters, we are largely doomed. - Abstract: S48.00008 : The Statistical Mechanics of Zombies

For years, zombie enthusiasts have debated over the best places to hide when the undead begin walking the earth. Nowadays, given the fixation of zombie lore in our popular culture, spirited arguments over bug-out locations are seemingly unavoidable – online forums, the workplace water cooler, or just about any place two or more emergency preppers rub shoulders. However, none of …

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The Order: 1886 – Tesla & Knights of The Round Table Battle Werewolves

Only a few worthy titles have explored the world of werewolves and these beasts are finally getting attention in the PlayStation 4 title "The Order: 1886".

Horror video games are a dime a dozen which makes it odd only a few worthy titles have explored the world of werewolves. Fortunately, these beasts are finally getting more attention in the PlayStation 4 title “The Order: 1886“. The treat of seeing werewolves run a muck in a video game is exciting enough for horror fans, but the developers, Ready At Dawn, took …

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The Michigan Dogman: Werewolves and Other Unknown Canines Across the USA

Review: The Michigan Dogman: Werewolves and Other Canines Across the USA

Linda S. Godfrey, the author of werewolf books The Beast of Bray Road: Tailing Wisconsin’s Werewolf and Hunting the American Werewolf throws us a bone in her third book in the series, The Michigan Dogman: Werewolves and Other Canines Across the USA. And what a juicy bone it is! This latest offering is based on hundreds of eyewitness accounts — some funny and …

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The Paranormal History of Clinton Road NJ

For paranormal enthusiasts, Clinton Road NJ is one of the most notorious roads in America; well known for paranormal activity and unexplained phenomena.

Beginning at Route 23, close to Newfoundland, and running ten miles to its northern terminus in the Upper Greenwood Lake area; Clinton Road might seem like an otherwise plain stretch of asphalt cutting through West Milford, New Jersey in Passaic County. However, for paranormal enthusiasts, it is one of the most notorious roads in America; well known as a hotbed …

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A Night To Remember

My best friends took me out on the night before the wedding to have one last “taste” of freedom before I said my vows. It was to be a night to remember.

I’m lost to darkness, thirsty and praying for an end. How can I have so much in one instance and then lose everything the next… I will start at the beginning. I’m a doctor and considered a handsome gent by most and was going to be married to one of the most eligible socialites in London. My best friends took me …

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Villisca Ax Murders: Was A Paranormal Investigator Attacked By Ghosts?

Villisca Axe Murder House

Thinking about grabbing a night vision camcorder and spending the night in a haunted house for a chance to catch a glimpse of some ghosts? Well, you might want to rethink that and perhaps go bowling instead. Like a scene right out of the John Cusack film 1408, on November 7, 2014, paranormal investigator Robert Laursen inexplicably stabbed himself while …

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The Halloween Wolf

The wolf lunged at the clown and he struck out with a knife to defend himself, stabbing the wolf in the leg. It yelped in pain and the clown saw his chance.

James was twelve years old and just starting to get into girls. He really liked Anna Johnson even though she thought he was a little creep. He didn’t know why but he was always trying to impress her, just the same. Halloween was around the corner and James wanted to have the best costume and do something really awesome with …

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How To Serve Man (Literally): Human Flavored Burgers Anyone?

Participants in the “special event” got in touch with their zombie side by discovering what it would be like to chow down on human flavored burgers.

Without a doubt, cannibalism has been part of society (good or bad) since the beginning of recorded history. More recently, in popular culture, cannibalism has found its place in cinema as featured in several movies and TV shows, including “Silence of the Lambs” and “The Walking Dead.” However, British chef James Thomlinson might have taken things a step too far …

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10 Ghost Adventures Perfect for Paranormal Enthusiasts

The 10 best ghost adventures in America well-known for featuring high quality guides, intriguing history and the occasional real-life spirit encounter.

If reading about real life scary ghost stories isn’t enough for you, then maybe it’s time for the real thing. Going on tours specializing in ghost adventures is a fantastic way to learn about history and increase your odds of actually witnessing proof of the paranormal. After all, if your ultimate goal is to have an encounter, these tours are …

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